12 Steps to a Better Pinterest Profile

12 Steps to a Better Pinterest Profile

Using Pinterest for business is one of the most powerful ways to promote your website and grow your audience. Plus, if you do all the legwork yourself, it’s completely free!

To use Pinterest for your business, you will want to convert your personal account to a business account. I went through the steps and benefits of converting in this post, but for now, let’s talk about what you should do right after you convert.

It’s important that your profile supports your business in the best way possible, and that means consistency and branding. You can use these steps to do a checkup of your profile!


Things to Check

  1. Make sure your profile picture is the same as the one you use for your other social media accounts. Nothing makes a better first impression than your smiling face!
  2. Set your business name. If you are known by both your name and your business/blog name, include both. Experiment with what looks best, but you could also think about including a few keywords that describe your services or niche.
  3. Change your username to your business name. This will change your Pinterest URL to www.pinterest.com/yourbizname.
  4. Write your About You section so that it ties into your website/business. Make sure to include keywords that people might search for. You could also add a link to a freebie on your website or feature a sale or promotion you might be running. This section should be short and to the point.
  5. Make sure Showcase is turned on. Once it is turned on, add your most popular boards or those that best support your business to the carousel.
  6. Link your other social networks if you’d like.
  7. Make sure you have a Pin It button on your website. Instructions can be found here!
  8. Make sure you have a link on your website so visitors can easily follow you. You can find instructions for common website hosts here.
  9. Create a “Best of…” board where you will pin only your content and make sure it’s included in your showcase.
  10. Create Pin templates and keep your branding consistent with these. Use the same colors, fonts, and types of pictures you use for your branding. Most importantly, make sure you put your website and/or logo on your pins.
  11. Make sure all your public boards support your branding and business. If you have some boards that don’t accomplish that, just make them secret. It’s ok to have some personal boards to show your personality, but they should be tasteful and support your branding.
  12. Go the extra step and create custom branded board covers for each of your public boards. This will help make your profile look cohesive, neat, and pleasing to the eye. The best board covers will be simple with the board name in brand colors and font and your website and/or logo. Make your custom covers square at 800 pixels by 800 pixels. Once you have them designed, upload them as a new pin, edit them to add a link to your website, and set them as the board covers for each board. (I’m still working on this one!)

Following these easy steps will make your Pinterest profile stronger which will definitely help your business. Let me know about your favorite Pinterest strategies in the comments!

{If you’re not sure where to start or don’t want to do the legwork yourself, I offer Pinterest Consultations with specific action steps based on your business and your goals. Check it out here!}

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