4 Quick Ways to Get Your News Fix

4 Quick Ways to Get Your News Fix

Being productive is about doing more in less time. One way you can be more productive is in the way you get your daily news fix. Instead of having to sift through a slew of news stories to get to the ones that you’re interested, let these services do the work for you. You’ll get your news delivered straight to your inbox so you don’t even have to go looking, which means less chance of getting distracted with endless scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed.

My Top 4:

  1. TheSkimm – Sign up for this service, and you will get a daily email with bite-size news clips. Reading through the whole email takes less than 5 minutes, and there are, of course, links to the full articles if something in particular interests you. Sometimes there’s even a sweepstakes offer included if that’s your type of thing.
  2. NextDraft – A daily newsletter that will be delivered to your inbox in the afternoon/evening. NextDraft includes snippets about mainstream news with a few more obscure stories thrown in the mix in a sometimes humorous way. While not as nonpartisan as I usually like, it is still an enjoyable read.
  3. NPR Up First – Subscribe to this podcast and you’ll get a 10-minute overview of everything you need to know for your day. It’s available by 6 am ET so you can listen first thing or during your commute.
  4. Google News – Don’t forget about the simplicity of RSS feeds! Using Google News, you are able to add your interests and topics that are important to you which will create a custom news feed. Once you have your custom news feed set up, an RSS url will be available to you. Here are some instructions for how to set that up.

What do you do to stay informed while staying productive? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out!

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