5 Awesome Things You Can Do with Pocket

5 Awesome Things You Can Do with Pocket

Pocket is like a filing cabinet, memo board, and refrigerator door for my digital items. I save everything from recipes to news articles to places I want to visit. If you’ve never tried Pocket, you should definitely go check it out!

1. No need to click back to the website – Pinterest is great, but sometimes it gets annoying having to click into a website to view a small piece of information from a saved pin (or maybe it’s just me who finds this annoying?). Pocket saves the whole article for you with one click AND you can view everything offline. If you did need to go back to the website for some reason, there’s a button for that.
2. Cleans up articles you save – Pocket will remove any extraneous content from the pages you save so that reading is much easier. All the ads and menus are gone so you have a nice, streamlined reading experience with fewer distractions.
3. Email items to yourself – You can email directly into your Pocket account. Just send a link to add@getpocket.com, confirm your email address the first time, and the link will be saved for you.
4. Reading settings – Pocket allows you to change the background of your article as well as the font, font size, and brightness. So if you’re reading in the dark or having trouble seeing small text, you can customize to suit your eyes.
5. Browser extension with tags – It may seem simple, but Pocket’s browser extension really speeds up saving items. With one click it’s saved to your Pocket, and you can add tags without leaving your browser.

Once you get started with Pocket, you won’t want to use anything else to save and read articles. It really is a great application. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips for Pocket or if you use an entirely different application!

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