Making Google Calendar Work for You in 3 Steps

Making Google Calendar Work for You in 3 Steps

If you like experimenting with technology, Google has your back. Google Labs allows you to try out some options that aren’t part of the main feature set. There are 3 Labs that I find especially useful in Google Calendar.


1. Hide morning and night – hides late night and early morning hours so they don’t take up space on your screen.

2. Automatically declining events – declines invitations that occur during times you have already blocked off as busy.

3. Year view – allows you to see the whole year’s calendar with the click of a button.

If you don’t know how to access these settings, no worries! Just login to Google Calendar and click on the gear beside your account name in the top right corner. You’ll be able to click on Labs from there. Once you’ve selected the Labs you want to try out, be sure to hit the save button so your options are enabled. Hopefully, these simple steps will make your calendar even more user-friendly!

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