Using Trello’s Calendar Power-up to Enhance Your To Do List

Using Trello's Calendar Power-up to Enhance Your To Do List

Trello is a powerful and easy-to-use application for managing your to do list, grocery list, projects, and more. When I first started using Trello in-depth, I felt like the one thing that was missing was a calendar. I’ve used many programs for managing my to do list and being able to see my due dates in the monthly view has been a deal breaker in the past.

Then I discovered that Trello has an easy solution for this if you know where to look: power-ups! Trello provides many types of power-ups for you to enable for each of your boards. When choosing which power-ups to use, be aware that the free version of Trello only allows the use of one power-up per board. To use more, you can upgrade to one of the paid versions.

Activating the Calendar Power-up

To activate the calendar power-up, you must sign in to Trello through your internet browser. At this time, power-ups aren’t available on the Trello app. However, using Trello in your browser is actually pretty nice. You can just leave it open in a tab, and it will update whenever any changes are made, either by you on a mobile app or by someone else on a shared board.

Once you are signed in to Trello through a browser, open one of your boards and follow these steps:

  1. On the right side at the top, click on the Show Menu button.
  2. Then click on the Power-ups button.
  3. Find the Calendar power-up and click Enable. The Calendar icon should appear right next to the Show Menu button. Just click on that to open the calendar view where you should be able to see any cards that have a due date associated with them.

Syncing with Other Calendar Services

One of the drawbacks of this calendar view is that you can’t see multiple boards on the same calendar, but there is a work around for this as well. If you go back to the power-ups menu and click on the gear icon next to Calendar, you can enable the iCalendar feed which will provide a Personal iCalendar Feed URL to allow you to sync your calendar with Apple’s Calendar or Google Calendar. For both of these options, you are able to customize how the subscribed calendar feed shows up. I would recommend making the title and color of this calendar the same as your board on Trello. You might choose to subscribe to multiple Trello calendars and using this strategy will provide even more organization and clarity to your calendar.

Linking Your Boards to Apple’s Calendar

For Apple’s Calendar, go back into the Calendar Power-up settings and copy your Personal iCalendar Feed URL. Open Calendar on your desktop, then click File > New Calendar Subscription. Paste the URL from Trello into the provided box and hit Subscribe. Another box will pop up that allows you to customize things like the calendar’s title, color, and auto-refresh frequency. Change these settings to your liking and then click ok. Your Trello calendar should now appear in your desktop Calendar.

Linking Your Boards to Google Calendar

For Google Calendar, click into the dropdown menu to the right of Other Calendars in the left sidebar, then click on Add by URL. Paste your Personal iCalendar Feed URL into the pop-up box and click ok. Your Trello calendar should now show up in Google Calendar. To customize your settings for this calendar, click on the dropdown menu to the right of the calendar’s name in the sidebar.

Using the Calendar Power-up in Trello

Once you have enabled the Calendar Power-up, you can use the calendar in either month view or week view, depending on your preference. You can change the due dates of cards by simply dragging them around in the calendar view. You can also add cards directly on a day in the calendar view which will automatically set a due date for that card of that date. I also added another list to each board that is for events such as meetings or appointments. Trello still treats these as to-dos in that you must add a due date for something to show up on your calendar but it’s still handy to be able to see how to manage my time for both my tasks and events.


I hope you enjoy using Trello with the Calendar Power-up as much as I do!


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